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A unique formed sponge with a hole in the center. Use for a mini-garden, plant seeds, bamboo, etc.


Put a little ocean breeze into your home with this unique vase shaped sponge. Makes a great decorating piece.

yellow sponge
  Item # Description Price
  NVS-852 Med. 6"-7" Natural Vase Sponge $ 5.75
  NVS-854 Lg. 7"-9" Natural Vase Sponge $ 9.95
  NVS-856 X-Lg. 9"-11" Natural Vase Sponge $ 13.95
  NVS-858 XX-Lg. 11"-13" Natural Vase Sponge $ 17.95
  NVS-860 XXX-Lg. 13"-15" Natural Vase Sponge $ 23.95
  NVS-862 XXXX-Lg. 15"-UP Natural Vase Sponge $ 35.95
finger sponge

This decorating sponge-will add an ocean flavor to any craft.

NFS-864 10"-11" Natural Finger Sponge $ 3.50  
NFS-866 11"-14" Natural Finger Sponge $ 4.50  
NFS-868 15"-18" Natural Finger Sponge $ 5.50  
NFS-870 19"-UP Natural Finger Sponge $ 6.50  
  Also used for decorating, this sponges size will ensure it is noticed, and is great for aquariums. monster sponge
  MGS-872 12"-UP Monster Grass Sponge $ 12.00





12"-UP Monster Yellow Sponge


$ 12.00